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Cancer development medical video

This cancer development medical video is devoted to elaborating the basics of cancer growth. We used advanced medical animation techniques to display such a complicated process. What is happening in cancer development medical video The fundamental abnormality described in the…
January 3, 2019
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Medical practice marketing

Physicians are finding it difficult to compete, get more patients and keep them just like any other business nowadays. Medical practice marketing is a new must for healthcare workers in the modern world. From blogging to event sponsoring, if your…
December 21, 2018
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Immune checkpoint 3D animation video

Immune checkpoint 3D animation video - to understand this complex mechanism, our team was supported by a scientific article published by Lu Sun et al. Brief description of mechanism described in immune checkpoint 3D animation video High complexity and specificity…
December 19, 2018
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Tumor immune response MoA animation

Our medical animation studio pays attention to the most intricate and exciting, aspects of medicine. Here, we will talk about one of the critical medical questions, that was converted into an excellent tumor immune response MoA animation. What is tumor…
December 12, 2018
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L-cells medical animation

How do we control satiation? It is provided by a complex work of receptors in the gastrointestinal canal that feels it’s wall dilatation by the food masses and sends a signal to the brain to induce satiation and satiety. Intestinal…
November 28, 2018
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Augmented reality in medicine

Population increases, life expectancy, is also on the rise, it’s excellent news. Or is it not? Medicine has evolved immensely during the last century: we have vaccines and cure for many deadly diseases. But as the population increases, the need…
November 21, 2018
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Bacterial biofilm in the vagina

We always use modern and up-to-date scientific sources in our work. Our scientific advisor did a lot of research work to come up with relevant information for the creation of this bacterial biofilm medical animation. What is bacterial biofilm A…
November 14, 2018
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Fibrocystic mastopathy MOD animation

Today we are giving you a glimpse of our work dedicated to one of the widespread women illnesses - fibrocystic breast changes or fibrocystic mastopathy. This colorful and vivid animation gives you an overview of the problem. You can find…
November 9, 2018
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Drug MoA 3D Animation

Drug MoA is Complicated as It Sounds The mode or mechanism of action (MoA) of a drug is a difficult concept to execute. You know why. Because mechanisms of action take place at a molecular level and affect cells and…
November 1, 2018
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3D Scientific Animation

Popularizing Science with 3D Scientific Animation Humankind have always found different ways to bring science to the lay people.  From Leonardo Da Vinci early sketches of human anatomy to the modern visual communication methods we see today. Since the invention…
November 1, 2018
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Pulmonary surfactant secretion medical animation

Pulmonary surfactant is a lipoprotein complex structure secreted by type II alveolar cells that have surface-active features. It consists of hydrophilic and hydrophobic sites. The primary function of surfactant is to reduce surface tension by adsorbing to the water-air division…
October 17, 2018
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Virtual reality and phantom limb pain

A new study published in Frontiers in Neuroscience offers an innovative way of treating phantom limb pain using virtual reality. Phantom limb pain is a widespread syndrome among people who lost one of their limbs. Amputees report experiencing constant and…
October 15, 2018
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Why Pharma Marketing Should Go Digital

In the first article, that opened a new section of our blog dedicated to marketing, we discussed how pharmaceutical industry marketers promote their products. Unfortunately, numerous surveys and stats showed that pharma marketing is lagging far behind in adopting digital…
October 11, 2018
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Migraine mechanism of disease

A primary headache disorder - Migraine A migraine is a common multifactorial illness characterized by recurrent unilateral headaches. In certain scenarios, it is linked with aura - optical or sensorial manifestations that emerge ahead of the pain, sometimes during the…
October 3, 2018
Tech tips

Medical animation storyboard

Based on the script, a medical animation storyboard - a sequence of drawings (sketches) - is developed. The storyboard shows our main “direction,” including actions, camera angles, movements, objects and their position. Article Year of Creation 2018At this stage, we begin…
October 1, 2018
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Medical animation script

The medical animation script is the foundation of any project. It defines the main characteristics of the project: the number of scenes, their duration, and content. Article Year of Creation 2018At the stage of creating the script, there is a search…
September 24, 2018
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What is Apple ARKit?

ARKit is a framework for augmented reality (AR) applications designed by Apple. These turn any place into an environment, where the actions of the app take place. It’s a component of iOS 11, but Apple just announced ARKit 2 in…
September 20, 2018
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What is gastro peristalsis?

Peristalsis is a unique pattern of smooth muscle contractions that propel ingested food distally through the esophagus and intestines. The rippling motion of muscles mixes food with gastric juices, turning it into a thin liquid. It drives the food from…
September 19, 2018
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Compositing is a process of collecting of all the sequences and individual images after the rendering is over: this is exactly where the final renders are brought into compositing programs to edit, touch-up and add on special effects. This process…
September 17, 2018
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Herpes Simplex Virus

What are Herpesviruses? Herpesviruses belong to the family called Herpesviridae. They are large enveloped double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) viruses of which eight members have humans as the natural host. The name is derived from the Greek word herpein ("to creep"), that…
September 12, 2018
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Medical animation production process

We are unveiling how medical animation production process looks like. As we finish working on the 3D-modeling of objects and environments; the development process of all the models begin. At this stage, the finished models should look like they will…
September 10, 2018
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Acyclovir mechanism of action

This is yet another educational video showing the acyclovir moa animation. Our scientific approach is well-seen here. Nanobot Medical Animation Studio is always trying to do their best in creating reliable science videos. Project NDA project Year of Creation 2015 What…
September 5, 2018
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Sort out the points that need your attention. Medical animation pre-production is the planning phase of a medical animation pipeline, where the foundation is developed and polished. The more time you spend getting this process correct, the more likely your…
September 3, 2018
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Multi-user medical training

CES 2018, as always, was filled with cutting-edge VR, AR, MR innovations from all around the world. Thanks to an invitation from HTC Vive, SimforHealth, a company that specializes in virtual reality medical training, showcased a software for multi-user medical…
August 31, 2018
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Tumor growth

Once again, Nanobot Medical Animation Studio created a stunning tumor 3D medical animation displaying growth and neovascularization. What differs the neoplasm from a tumor? Neoplasm is an uncontrolled and abnormal new growth of cells. The growth of cells in a…
August 29, 2018
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3D animation production

Did you ever think how expensive and time-consuming, the process of a medical animation production could be? Though in medical animation production everything is done on the computer and exported from the computer, this process takes more time than a…
August 27, 2018
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Human skin medical aniamtion

Our team came through an exciting project about human skin medical animation. We aimed to create the ultrastructure of the dermis that changes the amount of collagen. Project NDA project Year of Creation 2016 What We Did Video Production, Sound Production General facts…
August 22, 2018
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What about Storyline and Timeline?

Medical animation storyline. What is it? A medical animation storyline is the plot of a future video. It is one of the most crucial parts of the whole process. Appropriately done medical animation storyline reduces additional expenses during video creation.…
August 13, 2018
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Telemedicine at a whole new level

Healthcare is a broad field for implementing new technologies. New VR/AR solutions will be announced in the upcoming International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Exelus, a mixed reality telemedicine solutions provider will be one of them to showcase their mixed reality…
August 3, 2018
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Pulmonary alveoli

The respiratory system is one of the favorites of our production team. Creation of pulmonary alveoli medical animation was an excellent opportunity to show their masterpiece. We hope you enjoy this fragment. Project NDA project Year of Creation 2017 What We…
July 25, 2018
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Krebs cycle biology animation

Introduction to Krebs cycle biology animation Another challenge for our Medical Animation Studio was to create a detailed overview of the inner compartment of the mitochondrion, where the Krebs cycle biology animation occurs. This is a glimpse of the original…
July 13, 2018
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Neuron medical animation Our team created an animation visualizing the 3D microscopic view of a neuron and its structural components. We’ve put a lot of rendering effort on making this animation realistic. We hope you enjoy our neuron medical animation.…
July 11, 2018
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Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor

Nowadays, one of the most widespread diseases is cancer. Creation of new antitumor medications has been so far a significant trend in the pharmacological industry. That's why we created this stunning vascular endothelial growth factor animation and its receptors that are taking…
July 4, 2018
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Atherosclerosis plaque extraction using nanorobots

Atherosclerosis is a widespread cardiovascular disease caused by accumulations of lipids, white blood cells, and other materials in the internal layer of arterial walls. In time atherosclerotic plaques calcification leading to the weakening of the arterial wall and a dramatic…
June 27, 2018
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Mitochondria biological animation project

Introduction Our team faced a new breathtaking task. In mitochondria biological animation project, we had to illustrate an accurate 3D prototype of a human cardiomyocyte mitochondria. It is one of the most complex organelles in human cells. To do that…
June 26, 2018
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DNA repairing nanorobots biomedical animation

Five decades of research and application of computers in biomedicine has given rise to the development of medical informatics, which has made many advancements in genomic and translational medicine possible. DNA repairing nanorobots biomedical animation was created to show a possible…
June 25, 2018
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Papillomavirus medical animation

Papillomavirus 3D medical illustration created to show the structure of Papillomavirus in a colorful and scientifically accurate way. More than 30 to 40 types of HPV are typically transmitted through sexual contact and infect the anogenital region. Some sexually transmitted HPV types…
June 25, 2018
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Nanomedical capsula in cancer treatment

Nanobotmodels Company created Nanomedical capsula scientific illustration of a model of а drug delivery nanocapsule, which can be used to cancer treatment. Nanotechnology and nanorobotics development can boost and radically change modern drug delivery methods. This is our vision of cancer…
June 23, 2018
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Artificial neurotransmitters in mental diseases treatment

Nanobotmodels company provides artificial neurotransmitters medical illustration of future mental diseases treatment using medical nanotechnology and sophisticated drug delivery. Article Year of Creation 2013 Artificial neurotransmitters Neurotransmitters are packaged into synaptic vesicles clustered beneath the membrane on the presynaptic side of…
June 23, 2018
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Parietal cell – 3D reconstruction

Background This is the parietal cell 3D medical animation that we created and used in one of our projects. It shows the detailed cell structure in motion. We are glad to share this project with you. General information Parietal cells,…
June 20, 2018
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Rabeprazole – Mechanism of Action

In one of our projects, we created Rabeprazole MoA animation to show the benefits of this class of drugs. About H. pylori Helicobacter pylori was discovered in 1983 by a biologist and a clinician: Warren and Marshall. The association of chronic…
June 14, 2018
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Cancer gene therapy animation

About cancer diseases Cancer is a high spread group of diseases caused by abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade other parts of the human body. The number of new cases of cancer (cancer incidence) is 439.2 per 100,000…
June 7, 2018
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Nanorobot tetanus treatment animation

Nanobotmedical has created first nanorobot tetanus treatment animation of a conceptual bacteria-hunting nanorobot. The animation is about tetanus treatment. About Clostridium tetani The bacterium that causes tetanus (Clostridium tetani) is anaerobic, meaning it can thrive (i.e., infect) in an environment…
June 5, 2018