Nanobot Medical Animation Studio Was Honored for their Excellent VR Skills at the Annual Communicator Awards

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The Communicator Awards brings together some of the best creative minds of our world, honoring the excellence at providing insightful solutions in various niches of communications, marketing, media, and IT. Real annual competition for the prominent players of the globally-recognized business areas provides a chance to demonstrate an enthusiasts’ contribution to certain fields of science and technology.

And this time around, Nanobot Medical Animation Studio had a pleasure to represent the field of advanced VR for medical industry & medical animation production process solutions with a 360.

Ultimately, we are humbled to have been recognized by such a prominent event by receiving an Award of Distinction for Craft Use of VR/360 for in-depth visualization of the fertilization

At this point, we’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that’s been involved in the creation of our medical animation’s storyline & graphic AR/VR assets, everyone who supported us along the way, and, especially, our CEOs, who organized a kickoff meeting in the first place for this complex piece of medical animation. 

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Nanobot medical communication
"Everything was clear since day one for the communications and timelines."
Rosie Dawaliby, PhD
"They were always on time."
"They quickly understood what we needed and were very fast in delivering quality videos."
Maurice van Leeuwen
"I was impressed with their project management and the quality of their design."
Aude Boulitrop
"The team's quality of the deliverable was above expectations."
"They are professionals who are very good at what they do."
Sachith Gallolu
"They’re great; we don’t have to sit and wait for their work to be completed."
"Their clinical understanding was what made them stand out — their attention to detail was quite phenomenal."
Abhijith Ullas
"Their most impressive aspect is their artistic abilities."
"They were very easy to communicate with."
"We had engaged Nanobot previously on a medical animation project and we're very happy with the results."
Brynley Lee
"We were more impressed with their high level of creativity and creative design work."
"Their quick grasp of the underlying science and creativity in coming up with visual elements."
Hua Lin
"The team was always in contact and never changed."
Nathan Fox
"They have a great turnaround time."
Julie Kenner
"Workflow was seamless. Nanobot was ultra-responsive and completed the project in the desired time frame."
Larry Block
"They have a very efficient communication and workflow."
Joey Bose
"Their effectiveness and follow-up were impressive."
Dr. Gabriel Peter Salgo
"They produce quality work very quickly."
Alexander Pérez
"Their competitive pricing and rapid delivery were impressive."
"The quality of the animations is impressive!"
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