This cancer development medical video is devoted to elaborating the basics of cancer growth. We used advanced medical animation techniques to display such a complicated process.

Cancer development medical video

What is happening in cancer development medical video

The fundamental abnormality described in the cancer development medical video is the nonstop unregulated multiplication of cancer cells. Being uncontrollable by body’s signals that regulate normal cell behavior; cancerous cells divide and grow populating neighboring normal tissues or even spread throughout the body. The overall lack of growth control acquired by cancer cells is due to the accumulated abnormalities in numerous cell regulatory mechanisms and is considered in some aspects of cell behavior that differs them from their healthy counterparts. The interaction of these cells is shown in our previous medical animation video.

An in-depth view of the cancer development medical video

At the intracellular level, the staged process of cancer development involves mutation and preservation of cells with increased proliferation, survival abilities. Tumor initiation is the first step and is the consequence of a genetic alteration that leads to an abnormal proliferation of a single cell. Cell division causes the outgrowth of clonally derived tumor cells. Additional mutations occur leading to tumor progression. These mutations give some cells advantages above others such as quicker growth and proliferation, thus become dominant in tumor population. Formation of the new evolved clone of tumor cells that confer a selective advantage is called clonal selection. This process doesn’t stop during tumor development, and the tumor rapidly grows and becomes increasingly malignant.

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