I will need five points to get my message across:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry is more conservative in the business approach hence oppose to massive changes
  • Pharma Industry Marketing is still business-focused vs. being people-focused, that still need a better understanding of all the needs of the parties involved (patients, clinical trials, internal employees, doctors, retail pharmacy locations, manufacturers, insurers, brand advocates, etc.)
  • Pharma Industry Marketing is heavily regulated that creates challenges on many fronts
  • There’s generally a negative attitude towards the major players in that industry, and as we all know, it is not easy to change the way people think and feel
  • Also, the Pharma Industry Marketing maintains a corporate standard and therefore has siloed marketing operations

Pharma Industry marketing

pharma Industry marketing

It’s hard to achieve transparency and efficiency across a company when the left-hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. By bringing all the marketing efforts together, pharma marketers can ensure the correct information gets in the right hands at the right time. Thus, if your patient, or a healthcare provider or a local pharmacy is in their research phase, you are there to deliver the necessary marketing communications using the channels of their choice.

Ensuring the presence at all points of those very individual user journeys can help pharma industry marketing build trust, then turn that into loyalty, and then convert those loyal customers into brand advocates and leverage those relationships over time.

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