Pharmaceutical marketing is only entering the digital era with artificial intelligence, automation, and big data. However, there is a definite trend of changing marketing strategies of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies from the traditional to omnichannel approach. Let’s see what pharma marketing trends are already on the market and what to expect next.

Pharma marketing trends

pharma marketing trends

Omnichannel mix isn’t an option; it’s a must

Digital communications are the new dimension of the modern world where companies can interact with their consumers. Consumers, in their turn, are becoming more and more in control of their digital experiences. Online presence of a business/company should seek to respond to their clients’ concerns and provide answers when they need them.

Physicians are already starting to prioritize a patient-centric approach, that’s why pharma companies should keep up. Omnichannel strategy is also changing HCPs-med rep relationships as well. So it’s vital to support that relationship with effective digital solutions like medical videos and social media presence.

Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize pharma marketing

No need to remind you how complicated and advanced data sets are that physicians analyze and deal with nowadays. It means that the way data is collected and presented has shifted to how to make it authentic and up-to-date. This should become a priority for pharma marketers in 2019: how to mix content with artificial intelligence in the best possible way.

AI and machine automation are one if the most significant pharma marketing trends which are going to unveil individual data preferences, making pharma marketers able to ensure every customer receives adequate information in the time needed.  

Social Media are here to stay

Pharma companies should no longer consider content marketing and social media as a complementary option in their marketing strategies. Social media networks might be a good enabler for pharma companies to help maintain relationships with potential customers.

Do you know that social media platforms are highly regulated? According to the current FDA regulations, pharmaceutical companies aren’t allowed to join a conversation simply. As a result, a large amount of information can be both imprecise and adverse. Nobody expects it to be comfortable but great customer service is impossible without highly regulated work of social platforms.

If you are not sure which pharma marketing trends to follow, don’t worry. We are here to help you. With our in-house medical advisors, scriptwriters, artists, animators, and management team you will get a smooth experience of transforming your idea into a bold medical animation project following contemporary  pharma marketing trends.


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