One of the most significant sources of medical knowledge, Medscape Education introduced a new tool for virtual reality immersive training – Medscape360. The platform was launched in response to the growing requirements of Continuing Medical Education (CME) to increase the involvement of practitioners and retention of new information which ultimately leads to enhancement in patient care.


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Virtual reality immersive training

Medscape360 is an alternative to the standard slide presentations. The platform was created in cooperation with Confideo Labs to bring new technologies into medical training. Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) provides the opportunity for a speaker to present their lectures in a whole new manner, allowing their audiences to dive into the medical data in 360-degree environments.

A cardiologist, Robert Harrington, MD, professor of medicine and chairman of the Department of Medicine at Stanford University said that the rapid pace and the complexities of clinical practice require new tools that involve and test clinicians, that puts learning at a new level. Innovative learning technologies from Medscape360 is changing the physicians’ view of medical education entirely and instilling an element of excitement.

Medscape360 platform was used by Dr. Harrington a few times to lead an audience through the anatomy of a heart in virtual reality. His events are highly discussed among clinicians and educators as this method gives a more in-depth anatomical overview of a subject.

World Congress of Gastroenterology is another event, where Medscape360 was used. Brennan Spiegel, MD, who is director of health services research at the Cedars-Sinai Health System guided a vast audience through an MR presentation showing the anatomy and physiology, medical models and interactive data.

Stephen O’Brien, Vice President of video operations, Medscape Education entitled that CME is very interested in the development of solutions that will support doctors to improve patient care. That’s why CME invests in innovative solutions that deepen clinicians interaction and retention of new information.

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