CES 2018, as always, was filled with cutting-edge VR, AR, MR innovations from all around the world. Thanks to an invitation from HTC Vive, SimforHealth, a company that specializes in virtual reality medical training, showcased a software for multi-user medical training. A virtual plot of a clinical case designed in partnership with Stanford Medicine to point all benefits of teamwork and collaboration in a virtual reality medical training process.

Virtual reality medical training


Year of Creation


Simforhealth’s multi-user VR solution mimics the operation room in the University of Stanford, where the participant plays a role of an intern who assists the instructor in stent placement. The operation process is reconstructed entirely from providing anesthesia to the end of the procedure.

Oliver Gardinetti, the CTO at SimforHealth highlights that the simulation allows the surgeons or interns to rehearse the operation before performing the actual procedure.

Dr. Vincent Varlet, Vice President and Medical Director of SimforHealth added that objective of this tool is not only to train medical professionals but also to teach them to work as a team both for decision making and for carrying out joint procedures.

Future of multi-user virtual reality medical training

This solution is a new step in the development of an international platform for consultation and distribution of virtual clinical cases (MedicActiV), where medical establishments can create and share clinical cases, thereby facilitating the spread of healthcare knowledge to address the challenges of accessing and updating this data.

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