Tumor growth

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Once again, Nanobot Medical Animation Studio created a stunning tumor 3D medical animation displaying growth and neovascularization.

What differs the neoplasm from a tumor?

Neoplasm is an uncontrolled and abnormal new growth of cells. The growth of cells in a neoplasm usually is more rapid than normal cells and continues to grow if not treated. Neoplasms can impinge upon and damage adjacent structures as they grow. The term neoplasm can refer to benign (usually curable) or malignant (cancerous) growths. Whereas, a tumor is a generally used, but non-specific, name for a neoplasm. The term “tumor” refers to a mass. It is a general term that can apply to benign (generally harmless) or malignant (cancerous) growths.

Tumor growing theories based on research

Tumor growth is a complicated process eventually dependent on tumor cells proliferating and spreading in host tissues. In spite of the persistent search for the underlying physiology of tumor development and progression, there is a lack of understanding of the dynamics of tumor growth. The modern view of tumor growth kinetics is based on the general hypothesis that tumor cells grow exponentially, as stated by Shackney, 1993. The kinetics mentioned above agrees with the extensive proliferative activity of tumor cells recorded in earlier in vitro, studies. However, some inadequately explained issues remain in disagreement with an exponential regime of cell proliferation. In another study, different cells lines and different types of solid tumors were studied to determine whether such growth dynamics also apply to them. In the case of cells cultivated in vitro, all cells growing as colonies have dynamics compatible with the MBE universality. These dynamics are defined by 1), a linear growth rate, 2), the constraint of growing to the external border of the cell colony or tumor, and 3), diffusion at the colony surface. In this work, the term “linear” means that the colony radius grows linearly with time. For tumors growing in vivo, common characteristics were seen in all cases, several of which were familiar to those of tumors growing in vitro. In all cases, growth in these in vivo tumors was limited to the tumor border which could indicate that the mechanisms at work in vitro are also those at work in vivo.

Tumor vascularization

Tumors depend on the growth of a vascular network, which is stimulated by different angiogenic mediators, providing them with blood and oxygen. Tumors set up their vascular system by switching the tumor microenvironment from antiangiogenic to proangiogenic milieu (an “angiogenic switch”). There are 6 different types of vascularisation observed in solid tumors, including sprouting angiogenesis, vasculogenic mimicry, intussusceptive angiogenesis, vessel co-option, recruitment of endothelial progenitor cells, and lymphangiogenesis.  

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