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Nanobot Medical is a distinguished company in scientific storytelling, proud of its awards and highly valuing its clients’ time and resources. Our expertise lies in simplifying intricate life science and medical product concepts through visually engaging and medically precise media. With over 12 years of experience, every project we deliver showcases our commitment to excellence.

Nanobot Medical has been delivering visually engaging digital solutions for several spheres, such as surgery, cardiologydermatology, orthopedic, dentistry, neurology, gynecology, and urology, as well as medical device manufacturing, putting a tech twist on their marketing and educational strategies. Our work includes sales training, HCP and KOL education, patient education, product launches, and advertising. We have successful cases in the above industries for companies such as Fluosphera, Ever Pharma, Basilard BioTech, and BIOCAD.

Our awards

MUSE Creative Awards 2023
Platinum Winner
Video - Medical: iBio
MUSE Creative Awards 2023
Gold Winner
Video - Animation: Alamar Biosciences
MUSE Creative Awards 2023
Gold Winner
Video - Medical: Alamar Biosciences
MUSE Creative Awards 2023
Silver Winner
Video - Technology/Science: Alamar Biosciences
MUSE Creative Awards 2023
Award of Distinction
360/VR: Exeltis Experience
25th Annual Communicator Awards, 2019
Gold Award
360/VR: Exeltis Experience
Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, 2019
Silver Award
Pharma/Film: Astellas Pharma
Creative MedMen Awards 2020
Bronze Award
360/VR: Exeltis Experience
Creativity International 49th Media & Interactive Design Awards, 2019

At Nanobot Medical, we are a team of scientists, researchers, marketers, creators, professional animators, strategists, and skilled salespeople. We have combined our years of experience to help our clients change the world through innovation in the life science industry.

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    We have combined our experience and expertise in the life sciences industry to help our clients make a difference worldwide through innovation. By 2030, we aim to help bring 100 new biotech products/companies to market.

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    Having devoted my entire life to science, it is a pleasure to utilize my knowledge and skills to create new breakthrough companies to accelerate innovation and contribute to human health and well-being.

Our mission is to help create leading-edge services in the global health sector that bring forward innovations to improve human livelihoods by treating diseases and enhancing the quality of life.

To enhance global health services and improve human livelihoods, our team embarked on a mission one year ago. Our vision was to assist 100 biotech companies in reaching the market by 2030. Despite the adversities caused by Russia’s war against our homeland, we successfully evacuated and maintained our team’s operations. We are thrilled to announce that in 2022, we aided in the development of 21 breakthrough ideas and biotech startups without abandoning a single project.

This accomplishment signifies that we have achieved 21% of our overall plan. We express deep gratitude to our clients for their trust and for joining our “100 till 2030” club. As we look ahead to the coming year, we are actively seeking true innovators—brilliant scientists with daring ideas that can create positive change in the world. Together, let us continue to drive towards a healthier and happier world.

Some Numbers We Are Proud Of

  • 12+
    years of experience
  • 250+
    completed projects
  • 110+
    scientific videos
  • 610+
    minutes of scientific video
  • 9.5/10
    clients' satisfaction

Our 7 Values:

1. Client First

We always prioritize listening to our clients, understanding their current challenges, and anticipating future needs. We provide a range of solutions to ensure exceptional comfort and satisfaction from our services.

2. Teamwork

We firmly believe that working together as a team leads to collective success. Like a ship, we build a crew for an adventure that spans decades, benefiting everyone involved.

3. Learning is part of our DNA

We embrace continuous learning, constantly seeking new approaches and solutions to our customer’s challenges. We greatly appreciate feedback that empowers us to make positive changes for our clients.


4. We Deliver Results

We focus on productivity and achieving planned outcomes. We take responsibility for our clients’ work, actively sharing our expertise and knowledge to craft successful projects while adhering to compliance terms.

Transdermal drug delivery

5. Quality is Everything

We hold quality in the highest regard, never settling for “if it goes somehow.” We pay meticulous attention to details, ensuring that delivering something to a client goes beyond being good—it’s simply “Wow! This is so cool! You’ve made my day!!!” We willingly put in additional work to achieve excellence at no cost to the client.

6. Integrity

We uphold integrity as a core value, remaining composed and professional even under pressure. We treat everyone with integrity, empathy, and respect. Despite the challenges of the war in Ukraine, we successfully completed every project without losing a single one.


7. Think First And Then Act

We proactively monitor the risks and opportunities that may impact both our internal and client projects. Through careful observation, we continuously iterate, optimize, and improve our processes.

Why us?

  • Our team comprises scientists, graphic artists, and marketing professionals, bringing together a unique blend of expertise.

  • With over 12 years of experience, we have established ourselves as seasoned professionals in our respective fields.

  • We prioritize building long-term partnerships and valuing enduring relationships with our clients.

  • Having completed numerous international projects, we have gained valuable global experience.

  • Ensuring scientific accuracy is our unwavering commitment, guaranteeing precision in our work.

  • We specialize in life sciences, focusing on delivering exceptional results in this domain.


To get more specific details, feel free to contact us, and keep following our news.

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