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Nanobot Medical delivers perfectly accurate dynamic and interactive 3D visualizations of the female reproductive anatomy for a range of medical and marketing purposes. With an extensive scientific background, we have been turning into an easily digestible format, everything from the mechanisms of in vitro fertilization to the principles of implanted contraceptives.

We are your trusted expert in conveying gynecology and obstetrics concepts of any complexity to field specialists, future doctors, investors, or the masses you name it.

Who we help?

3D animations on various topics concerning gynecology serve as the perfect educational tool that makes the study of up-and-coming medical specialists engaging, comprehensive, and productive. We create immersive simulations, scientifically accurate surgical conditions, etc.

On top of that, detailed outlines of gynecological products, concepts, and procedures educate and ease one’s patients’ or customers’ peace of mind.

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Our visualization for the branch of medical science focuses on the healthcare, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and disorders affecting female reproductive organs.

A highly-detailed medical illustration is also an efficient eye-grabber and informing medium that can bring in investors.

Our Approach To Medical And Scientific Animation

We have a team of specialists who understand human anatomy and can create realistic gynecology medical animations. When you request our 3D gynecology animation services, we start with discussing your vision for the gynecology animation project. We then explain everything you need to know, regardless of your experience with 3D gynecology animation videos.

We collaborate as a strategic resource partner to support your marketing efforts and education & training materials, build integrated media solutions and supply you with the creative assets needed.


Our awards

MUSE Creative Awards 2023
Platinum Winner
Video - Medical: iBio
MUSE Creative Awards 2023
Gold Winner
Video - Animation: Alamar Biosciences
MUSE Creative Awards 2023
Gold Winner
Video - Medical: Alamar Biosciences
MUSE Creative Awards 2023
Silver Winner
Video - Technology/Science: Alamar Biosciences
MUSE Creative Awards 2023
Award of Distinction
360/VR: Exeltis Experience
25th Annual Communicator Awards, 2019
Gold Award
360/VR: Exeltis Experience
Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, 2019
Bronze Award
360/VR: Exeltis Experience
Creativity International 49th Media & Interactive Design Awards, 2019
Silver Award
Pharma/Film: Astellas Pharma
Creative MedMen Awards 2020

Our clients


We were more impressed with their high level of creativity and creative design work.
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The company jas been getting positive responses regarding the video's animation. The company was impressed by how the team blended the complex scientific 3-D animation with the images. This was because the team was very attentive during their meetings and communicated well with the company.
Director of Marketing, Versatope Therapeutics
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Our blog

  • The main goal was to create eye catching scientific short animation that tells about the Microscoping for the next generations. We showed the AI-driven microscope that images the smallest structuring in the sample automatically. Using a mouse model, we highlighted that smart probes can capture the most subtle of processes in action as they occur.
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  • The main goal was to draw more attention to Servier’s portfolio and highlight its expertise. Create an attractive visual reminder to engage and raise awareness of Servier. The video should be used through different communication channels, including different kind of oncological events and congresses. We crafted an attractive visual reminder to engage and raise awareness
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