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  • What Is 'Different' About NANOBOT, And How Do These Differences Add Value?

    Nanobot Medical combines science and digital technologies.

    One of our main advantages is that we don’t involve any third parties in our professional processes – all our customers get to interact with product developers and other responsible specialists directly. We also have an in-house team of scientists that provides scientific consultations for our projects and guarantees quality and correctness of the intricate content.

    One of our major goals is to promote productive solutions for HCPs. It would be best if you had a beautiful eye-pleasing picture to attract anybody’s attention. That is why we involve niche scientists and people from the film industry in the creation of our animations.

    A bunch of random facts about Nanobot Medical

    • 10-years experience of working in the niche;
    • “Project implementation in the shortest terms” option (e.g., we can deliver a “60-sec video in three weeks”);
    • In-depth therapeutic expertise;
    • Substantial scientific knowledge granted by specialists with Ph.D.
    • Focus on Pharma/Biotech/Medtech companies;
    • Strict deadlines;
    • Experience in implementing both purely scientific & commercial projects.
  • Who Uses Medical Animation, And Why?

    We help our clients explain complex ideas about their products/services in simple words and through vivid visuals. In other words, we pack the essentials of the Pharma/Biotech/Medtech company’s product into a small animated documentary that accessibly highlights all the main ideas and nuances of the product.

    Product visualization enhances brand identity, which is reflected in the boosted return on investment. Clients can use our visual solutions on their official website, in demonstrations and presentation materials, for stands and brochures.

  • What Determines The Cost Of A Medical Animation?

    The ultimate cost of an animated medical feature depends on several parameters, such as the duration of the video (how many minutes), the complexity of the animation itself, and the quality (HD or 4K). Since we create all the content with in-house efforts, we avoid unexpected additional costs.

  • How Long Is A Medical Animation?

    It all depends on your business processes. If you are preparing to launch or restart a campaign, we would recommend making an entertaining material presentation with perfect storytelling that is concise yet informative.

    The essential info is delivered throughout several video sections

    • Introduction/acquaintance.
    • Issue/problematic situation (a disease — how to cope with it?). This may as well be the most info-heavy and educational part.
    • Solution – explaining the gist of a product/service.

    As for the final animation length — most features shouldn’t stretch over more than 1,5-3 minutes. This is the most optimal length to point out all the major benefits and nuances of a product without annoying viewers with details.

  • How Can I Estimate The Length Of My Medical Animation?

    Usually, it is all about the length of the script. Standard technical requirements are 120 words per minute. If the script has 200 words, then the duration of the animation will be 1 minute 20 seconds give or take.

    But even if there is no voiceover text in the animation, the animation still needs a script where all actions and transitions are described step by step. You can contact our agency for an initial approximate calculation of the script or the entire feature-length, budget, and other aspects.

  • I Have A Limited Budget, Can I Still Create Custom Medical Animation?

    We often came across similar issues and completely different budgets. It all depends on your particular goals and tasks you are looking to solve. Depending on your budget, we will offer different types of animation (simpler or complex). We will show you examples of different kinds of animation with varying rates of cost and complexity levels as well. Reach us for more info.

  • How Does Nanobot Medical Ensure Scientific And Medical Accuracy?

    Nanobot Medical has been a leading medical animation provider as well as AR and VR technology employment in the medical niche for quite a long time. We have in-house teams of scientific researchers, developers, and designers with extensive experience in the field.

    Nanobot Medical employs authentic technologies that allowed us to successfully deploy over 200 medical-focused features and assets for various clients. We regularly collaborate with the film industry productions for the creation of scientific documentaries and focus on the use of innovative technologies in the existing niche realities. The size of touch screens on global consumer smartphones gets bigger and bigger, and we can help you significantly improve the level of business-related visual storytelling on mobile devices.

  • How Many Corrections Can Be Made During A Project?

    We calculate the cost of the project at the beginning of development, and this cost is fixed. First, we create a static storyboard for future animations. At the stage of creating a storyboard, the number of edits is not limited! At the stage of implementing animation assets, however, the number of changes is limited to 1-2.

  • Can You Work With A Readymade Script?

    Admittedly, we have experience of working with existing scripts.
    How do we do that exactly?

    We take your script, review it, and give recommendations based on our scientific storytelling approach. If you like what you see, we make the necessary edits and get on with finishing up your video.

  • How Long Does It Take To Create A Medical Animation?

    It all depends on the particular client’s desires and the complexity of the project.

    Ideally, it takes 6-8 weeks to complete a high-quality 60-second long animation project. But we can speed up the process if need be. A new project is initiated from the moment Nanobot Medical receives the initial client request.

    Workflow stages & terms:

    • Discussion of the primary project message, approval of the tone of voice, client’s guidebook analysis; 
    • Script creation — 1 week;
    • Script approval by the client, edits — 1 week;
    • Storyboard creation — 1-2 weeks;
    • Storyboard approval by the client, edits — 1 week;
    • Animation creation & client approval — 4 weeks;
    • Project polishing & delivery of the final result.
  • Does Nanobot Medical Have Experience Working Under Time Constraints?

    At Nanobot Medical, completing a project takes 6-8 weeks on average. If a project is urgent, the terms can be reduced to 2-4 weeks.

    How do we keep it all high-quality in such short terms? — We prioritize a particular project and employ additional in-house labor resources.

  • What Is The Difference Between HD (1080p) And 4K?

    In 4K, the animation elements/cells move around the screen without any blur, and the picture is crystal clear. This advanced video format helps to make the image more detailed without losing quality, which is crucial in the field of science, where every tiny detail is essential to highlight appropriately.

  • Why Would I Need A 4K Medical Animation?v

    Firstly, 4K animation is much better perceived by users than the regular HD quality. And in the near future, 4K quality will become the norm for daily video content viewing. All prominent cinemas already use 4K technology!

    The same tendency goes for exhibition panels, phones and tablets, and PCs. All in all, the 4K format is expected to replace 1080p entirely at some point.

  • Who Will Own The Copyright Once The Project Has Been Completed?

    Nanobot Medical passes exclusive rights for the final product to the client. The client can use the product in any way that is not against the law.

  • Does Nanobot Medical Use Stock Images In Animations?

    It doesn’t, all the images and visual assets for features of various kinds — pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical equipment, consumer health, as well as animal healthcare — are authentic and created in-house.

  • How Can You Guarantee Confidentiality?

    We employ a standard procedure — sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) on the stage of initial project discussions. We also guarantee secure online data transfer during the project research phase due to in-house CRM capabilities.

  • How Do You Ensure The Accuracy Of 3D Medical Device Modeling And Function?

    There are several options

    1. We can work with existing client’s 3D CAD models, customizing the assets to reach the needed results.
    2. If there are no readymade 3D CAD models or they are being developed, we can provide models based on detailed product photos. 3D modeling will cost extra.
    3. We can estimate how much 3D modeling will cost in a particular case on the stage of initial project discussions free of charge.
  • What Other Complementary Services Do You Offer?

    Apart from creating medical animations, we also provide services such as media consulting, interactive application programming, and others. Learn more details on our website.

  • How Can I Leverage My Custom Medical Animation To Create Print Materials, Interactive Applications, And Other Digital Media?

    Receiving a finished project as a client, you get a full license to use all the finished materials. This means that you can use any image and frame from the video animation. The license is unlimited. We also provide services for the production of printed materials, sites, and applications at your request, and provide stills from existing high-quality animated features at modest prices.

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