3D Medical Animation

A vivid and conclusive story in 3D medical animation will find its way into the target audience’s minds and stay there for a long time

3D medical animations can be used to explain cellular and molecular processes, illustrate the function of medical devices, and highlight unique organ-level processes to demonstrate the action of a drug in the patient’s body.

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MUSE Creative Awards 2023
Platinum Winner
Video - Medical: iBio
MUSE Creative Awards 2023
Gold Winner
Video - Animation: Alamar Biosciences
MUSE Creative Awards 2023
Gold Winner
Video - Medical: Alamar Biosciences
MUSE Creative Awards 2023
Silver Winner
Video - Technology/Science: Alamar Biosciences
MUSE Creative Awards 2023
Award of Distinction
360/VR: Exeltis Experience
25th Annual Communicator Awards, 2019
Gold Award
360/VR: Exeltis Experience
Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, 2019
Bronze Award
360/VR: Exeltis Experience
Creativity International 49th Media & Interactive Design Awards, 2019
Silver Award
Pharma/Film: Astellas Pharma
Creative MedMen Awards 2020

Which Industries need 3D Medical Animation and why?

3D medical animation is actively used by our clients from the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries, universities and research centers, medical marketing companies, healthcare agencies, and investor relations companies.

The main areas in which our clients use 3D animation are Mechanism of Action (MoA) and Mechanism of Disease (MoD) videos, patient-centric communication, news studies, early stage concepts presentation, and medical training and learning.

Why do our clients consider 3D medical animation
as a valuable part of their marketing strategy?

They are absolutely great for scientific storytelling

People like great stories. And there is no better way to create a great story than medical animation videos. It is enough to observe just once how a scientist watches a video that reflects the essence of their research. Or a doctor who is surprised to discover the nuances of the drug’s mechanism of action that he or she could only imagine before. These videos do work.

Medical animation explainer videos are super engaging

Medical animation explainer videos are super engaging. It is much more interesting to watch how antibodies float, viruses or molecules appear out of nowhere, and how cellular NaK-channels work than to read many lifeless marketing texts. Simply put, medical animation videos are fun to watch. For marketers, this means there is a much higher chance that prospects / HCPs / investors / scientists / students will watch their videos to the very end, perceiving the marketing/education message in its entirety.

Such videos do not resemble the traditional advertising 

Too often, consumers switch off the moment they hear yet another marketing message. Because scientifically accurate medical animation explainers are a pleasure to watch, they are a great way to subtly promote your brand without causing estrangement and irritation among prospects.

Medical animation explainer videos are highly shareable

Another online study found that 97% of surveyed doctors would be willing to share great branded videos. Precisely because a scientifically accurate medical animation explainer is so fascinating to watch, they are super-shareable, which means more followers and new leads for your brand.

They help improve google search rating

Everyone knows that getting to the first page of Google search results is not so easy. However, did you know that a video site is much more likely to appear on the first page? Using medical animation explainer videos gives you a better chance of making it a reality.

Our clients


We are very fortunate to have formed excellent connections with many of our clients. Here’s what they had to say about us.
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We produced multiple scientific product videos with Nanobot covering multiple indication fields. The aesthetic and scientific quality of the videos was highly satisfying and perfectly matched the briefing and our expectations. Nanobot is highly recommended for medical video production.
Bionorica SE
Head of Global Medical Affairs
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Benefits of 3D Medical Animation Services from Nanobot Medical Studio

When you entrust Nanobot with your 3D medical animation project, you can rely on a robust team of professionals with 10+ years of experience creating 3D animations.

Our primary goal is to help you achieve your business goals within the agreed budget and time frame.

Our team consists of the Art Director, Project Manager, Scriptwriter, Account Manager, Scientific Advisor, and Designer.

They are involved in every stage of the discussions regarding your future animation story to ensure that all details are taken into account. As a result, we all share a clear vision of your future successful 3D medical animation project.

We possess the necessary scientific expertise to guarantee that your 3D medical animations are sufficiently detailed, scientifically correct, and speak at the level appropriate to the target audience.

3D Medical Animation Workflow at Nanobot Medical Studio

Scientific animation workflow, also known as a pipeline, is a structure in which people use hardware and software in a specific way to accomplish pre-arranged tasks in a pre-arranged time frame to create a final output of a 3D animation product or asset.

At Nanobot Medical, we have many years of experience in scientific animation creation, which gives us numerous insights on how to make the whole process fast and straightforward and help our clients reach their business goals more efficiently.

The process of creating a 3D medical or scientific animation or simulation is much more complex than most people might think. The number of steps involved in producing a 3D-animated piece can vary greatly, depending on the animation studio involved and the scale of the particular project.

Generally, producing a 3D animated video or feature film involves a long list of tasks and a large team of people with different skill sets. For such a complicated process to move forward efficiently and affordably, a solid structure and a detailed framework are needed.

Our cases


  • What is 3D medical animation?

    3D medical animation is a particular area of general 3D animation which describes its most common purpose: the process of creating medically-themed 3-dimensional objects/images and placing them into a virtual/digital environment.

  • Why would a company need 3D medical animation?

    Recent studies show that companies that used 3D animations to market their products increased their sales by 40%. 96% of B2B enterprises intend to utilize video content in their future marketing campaigns. 81% of the people report paying attention to 3D video animations on a brand’s website.

  • Does NanobotMedical have 3D medical animation experience?

    Nanobot Medical is one of the most accomplished companies specializing in scientific visualization. Over the years, working with many biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies, we have picked up the knowledge and experience in new therapeutic approaches.

  • How Much Does 3D Medical Animation Cost?

    The cost of 3D Medical animation depends on several factors, which are enlisted in the ebook “How much does Medical Animation cost?” Feel free to download it for free.

Our blog

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