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360-degree video is about a lot more than 3D. This is a sort of video utilized in virtual and augmented reality, opening up a world of video marketing possibilities.

The animations are full-color, lifelike 3D figurines that are the same size as the real thing.

However, this isn’t always the case. It’s possible that the 3D figures introduced aren’t even natural objects but rather projections of what might happen. Some parts in movies feature 360 animations.

Memories, scientific data, dreams, scale, and location are all depicted in 360 animations using satellite imagery, historical footage, and so on.

  • MUSE Creative Awards 2023
    Platinum Winner
    Video - Medical: iBio
    MUSE Creative Awards 2023
  • Gold Winner
    Video - Animation: Alamar Biosciences
    MUSE Creative Awards 2023
  • Gold Winner
    Video - Medical: Alamar Biosciences
    MUSE Creative Awards 2023
  • Silver Winner
    Video - Technology/Science: Alamar Biosciences
    MUSE Creative Awards 2023
  • Award of Distinction
    360/VR: Exeltis Experience
    25th Annual Communicator Awards, 2019
  • Gold Award
    360/VR: Exeltis Experience
    Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, 2019
  • Bronze Award
    360/VR: Exeltis Experience
    Creativity International 49th Media & Interactive Design Awards, 2019
  • Silver Award
    Pharma/Film: Astellas Pharma
    Creative MedMen Awards 2020

Which industries need 360 Video development?

What puts your life science website on the pedestal?

To-the-point, engaging content.

A good website clarifies what your company is all about – your target audience, issues you help tackle, and your unique selling point, with a copy that is equally comprehensive, technically accurate, and motivational.

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We are devoted entirely to medical and scientific imaging. Our creative production team and experienced medical experts help us produce visually and scientifically accurate media material to make any project a huge success.
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NANOBOT Medical Communication provides visually engaging digital solutions like scientific VR/AR/MR, 3D medical animations, illustrations for innovative marketing and training education strategies to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.
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Benefits of 360 Video development service in Nanobot Medical Studio?

Our company has been working on improving the educational 360 Video system for several years already. In the latest version of the product, we use three and more separate cameras that our clients can choose between, during the process. With the help of this technology, it is possible to train several different disciplines at once using all the various angles of shots of the same scenario.

For example, videos shot using this method can be used in the training process of surgeons, illustrating various operations in action. The same set of videos can be used to learn about the performance of specific activities, using some unique instruments for different manipulations. The only difference being the angle of the shot in each training task.

Creating such a video, we can implement various informational blocks and multiple-choice questions. This technology can become the most potent educational instrument with all the advantages of effective and practical experience. Several cameras, single operation, a few options for application, and we have a powerful tool to train future medical specialists!

As someone interested in developing 360° video, you may wonder what the workflow looks like. What steps are involved in taking a 360-degree video project from concept to completion?

360 Video development Workflow
at Nanobot Medical Studio

Concept development

Ideation, analysis, and elaboration of the concept for the future 360° feature, basic design outline built on raw ideas


Composition of detailed descriptions for all processes and actions to take place as part of the future motion feature


Script finalizing, assembling a tech stack for a 360° video shoot, figuring out scene dynamics, and preparing other grounds for making a video


Creation of visual drafts and outlines of a future video shot by shot, early illustrations with notes depicting precisely the way the video is to unfold

Timing drafts

Elaboration and marking of timings in the script and video to achieve a wholesome picture of a video to be created

Rough animation

Creation of rough constructions to make up the skeleton of a future 360° video, simple motions, and overall “wireframing” of animations


Sequencing motion scenes, trimming video segments, manipulating video shots, and adding transitions and specific effects

Sound design

A range of tasks focused on sound, which may include audio recording, sampling, editing, mastering and mixing, scoring, etc.

and visual effects

Final-stage video and sound editing, retouching and color grading, insertion and polishing of visual effects, and full-on release preparation.

Concept development
Timing drafts
Rough animation
Sound design
and visual effects

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is 360 Video development?

    360 animation is the evolution of traditional three-dimensional features that fully immerses the viewer in the displayed environments from all sides. Equipped with intuitive interactive elements, such features become real virtual journeys dedicated to educational topics.

  • Why may a company need 360 Video development?

    360 animation has many applications and can be used for product demonstrations, virtual reality experiences, and even marketing campaigns. It is an immersive and interactive way to engage with potential customers and can give them a taste of what your company has to offer.

    1. To create an immersive experience for potential customers;
    2. To show off products or services in a new and innovative way;
    3. To stand out amongst your competitors;
    4. To increase engagement and interaction with potential customers;
    5. To reach a wider audience with your marketing campaign.


  • Does Nanobot Medical have 360 Video development experience?

    Nanobot Medical has been the pioneer in utilizing 360 animations in medicine since 2015. We are glad to apply our knowledge in solving ever-coming tasks and enrich the digital pharma marketing and biotech realm with new exciting projects.

  • How Much Does 360 Video development Cost?

    The cost of 360 video development can vary depending on the quality and complexity of the video. On average, 360 video development costs between $500 and $5000. The most approximate expense range is ordering a high-quality video feature plus covering all the 360 editings.

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