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In whiteboard animation, a hand draws images and texts accompanied and complemented by voiceovers. It is an exceptionally effective way to communicate complex concepts and ideas and engage viewers. On average, this type of animation is a bit more affordable than other animation styles, and depending on how it is created;, it can also provide a quick ROI.

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Video - Technology/Science: Alamar Biosciences
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Creative MedMen Awards 2020

Which Industries Need Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard animation is widely used in B2C communications in the life science industry. Healthcare companies also widely use them in their social media marketing campaigns to boost user interaction on websites.

Despite its more affordable price, whiteboard animation is an effective way for healthcare companies to communicate complex ideas and information to their clients while guaranteeing a potential return on investment (ROI). If you are concerned about how to best retain your audience’s attention and clearly convey your message, then whiteboard animation, which makes your audience literally “follow the hand,” is the right choice.

In this animation format, simple shapes and bright colors on a contrasting white background clearly explain your idea or product’s main features and advantages. Viewers get increasingly engaged as they follow the hand movement on the screen with their eyes. When it comes to convincing your audience, a script and visual elements should be carefully thought through to produce the intended emotion in your viewers.

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We were more impressed with their high level of creativity and creative design work.
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The company jas been getting positive responses regarding the video's animation. The company was impressed by how the team blended the complex scientific 3-D animation with the images. This was because the team was very attentive during their meetings and communicated well with the company.
Versatope Therapeutics
Director of Marketing
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Benefits of Nanobot Medical Studio’s Whiteboard Animation Service

When you entrust Nanobot with your 3D medical animation project, you are relying on a team of highly skilled professionals with 10+ years of experience creating motion graphics, scientific animation, and whiteboard animations. We want your idea to win over your audience, and we focus all our efforts on achieving this while remaining mindful of your allocated budget and time frame.

Our team comprises an art director, project manager, scriptwriter, account manager, scientific advisor, and designer, all involved in every stage of your future animation story’s discussions. As a result, we will all share a clear vision of your future successful whiteboard animation project, ensuring that no details are left unattended.

We have vast experience creating MoA animation, character medical animation, 2D and 3D medical animation, and, more broadly, scientific animation. We are confident that we can deliver whiteboard animations that will be suitably detailed, scientifically accurate, and presented at a level appropriate to your target audience.

Nanobot Medical Studio’s Workflow

Our many years of experience producing whiteboard animation offer helpful insights into how to streamline the entire process to help our clients reach their business goals more quickly and economically.

Creating a scientific whiteboard animation is a more complicated process than most people realize. Depending on the animation studio and project scope, the number of steps required to produce a single whiteboard animation can be massive, involving several people with various skills. Pushing such a complicated process forward requires a solid structure and detailed framework.

Nanobot Medical has established a solid operational structure based on a detailed project framework specific to each client. Once this framework is established, our team will employ various software and hardware to perform every minute task sequentially and within a specific time frame to produce your whiteboard or scientific animation product.

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  • What is Whiteboard Animation?

    In whiteboard animation, a hand draws images and text accompanied and complemented by voiceovers.

  • Why would a company need Whiteboard Animation?

    If it needs an affordable yet straightforward way of delivering its messages.

  • Does Nanobot Medical have experience in Whiteboard Animation?

    We have several years of experience in producing whiteboard animation.Nanobot Medical is one of the most accomplished companies specializing in scientific visualization. Having worked with many biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies over the years, we have picked up extensive knowledge and experience in the latest approaches to whiteboard animation.

  • How Much Does Whiteboard Animation Cost?

    The pricing depends on a vast number of factors. Initially, you can conserve your budget using free software, although such solutions may lack more advanced features. However, if you want your animation produced quickly and at a high professional standard by creatives with extensive experience in scientific animation, please contact us at Nanobot Medical.

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