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Nikolay Notsek

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Cancer development medical video

This cancer development medical video is devoted to elaborating the basics of cancer growth. We used advanced medical animation techniques to display such a complicated process. What is happening in cancer development medical video The fundamental abnormality described in the…
January 3, 2019
Marketing kit

Medical practice marketing

Physicians are finding it difficult to compete, get more patients and keep them just like any other business nowadays. Medical practice marketing is a new must for healthcare workers in the modern world. From blogging to event sponsoring, if your…
December 21, 2018
Our work

Immune checkpoint 3D animation video

Immune checkpoint 3D animation video - to understand this complex mechanism, our team was supported by a scientific article published by Lu Sun et al. Brief description of mechanism described in immune checkpoint 3D animation video High complexity and specificity…
December 19, 2018
Our work

Tumor immune response MoA animation

Our medical animation studio pays attention to the most intricate and exciting, aspects of medicine. Here, we will talk about one of the critical medical questions, that was converted into an excellent tumor immune response MoA animation. What is tumor…
December 12, 2018