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Nikolay Notsek

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L-cells medical animation

How do we control satiation? It is provided by a complex work of receptors in the gastrointestinal canal that feels it’s wall dilatation by the food masses and sends a signal to the brain to induce satiation and satiety. Intestinal…
November 28, 2018
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Augmented reality in medicine

Population increases, life expectancy, is also on the rise, it’s excellent news. Or is it not? Medicine has evolved immensely during the last century: we have vaccines and cure for many deadly diseases. But as the population increases, the need…
November 21, 2018
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Bacterial biofilm in the vagina

We always use modern and up-to-date scientific sources in our work. Our scientific advisor did a lot of research work to come up with relevant information for the creation of this bacterial biofilm medical animation. What is bacterial biofilm A…
November 14, 2018
Our work

Fibrocystic mastopathy MOD animation

Today we are giving you a glimpse of our work dedicated to one of the widespread women illnesses - fibrocystic breast changes or fibrocystic mastopathy. This colorful and vivid animation gives you an overview of the problem. You can find…
November 9, 2018