How to receive your first check from a biotech investor?

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Start thinking about getting an up-to-date explainer 3 months before the conference!

There are some well-known conferences  – your chance to acquire some keen supporters who will contribute to your biotech startup’s success dramatically.

The question is – Are you and your team ready to embark on the fruitful ‘hunt’ for investors with your innovative project/product/service? Because you don’t have much time.

To most efficiently grab hold of their attention, you should deliver your project details & competitive advantages without wasting any excessive time of busy, highly-demanded by rival projects investors.

We want you to keep in mind that demonstrating what you have to potential partners is not all about what you show, but more about how you can present and deliver your ideas.

High-quality and still affordable medical animation is an ultimate way to demonstrate your solution (better use pitch deck) in complete detail while attracting and impressing any observer with some difficult-to-ignore visual aesthetics. 

We’d recommend starting preparations 3 months before the date of the conference and use all the time you need to compose specifications and requirements, discuss all the details thoroughly with the animation team, wait for the implementation of your visuals, and edit the first completed version if need be. 

The main concern here is that your Preparation for the project can take more time then it is supposed to initially. Mainly, you may face the following risks:

  1. Delays because of Approvals. Starting work with a new supplier, tender procedures, & contract signing with certain companies may cause delays in the project launch;
  2. Delays in receiving Feedback – usually, we need 1-2 weeks for the approval of intermediate stages of work; in most accounting projects, it occurs on a daily basis. But some unforeseen situations can delay the receipt of feedback;
  3. Changes in Funding can be unexpected and disruptive, which can lead to project suspension, so it is crucial to budget the plan.

And that always takes time. To aid it from our side, first, 

  • we do the presentation & collect all the ideas & bullet points that can help; 
  • we also prepare a lot of visuals that can help you choose the visual style and the level of details; 
  • then, we discuss the preliminary budget & duration of the ordered animation. 

During August, the process will become more and more transparent for you before we start.

September – We already prepared the script for you, but it’s still rough & preliminary. Time to grow some muscles on the bones of your idea! This time is for: 

  • the detailed storyboard development
  • sketches preparation
  • narration discussion 

Since narration plays a crucial role in the video, we discuss it in detail first. At the end of September, we have a clear & detailed storyboard with samples, narration text, & full budget proposal. Now, we, finally, can start shooting takes! 

October-November – The development process starts & all that you can do for now is enjoy or propose edits for gradually implemented visuals. The animation itself takes time, but unprepared animation can take dramatically longer. Thanks to the pre-production efforts, however, we have a detailed storyboard from the get-go & have time to do all your corrections along. 

December – Final delivery, which means that it’s time to upload the video on your website or your preferred channel. We can help you with this as well & do some final minor changes if necessary.

And, voila – you have a brand new video for your flawless pitch in January!

All in all, with the proper pre-production, you will have enough time to:

  • Define your future animation – assess the budget & workload, review source materials, discuss concepts with experts, develop a storyline, & get a fully prepared storyboard;
  • Develop the basic material – animate the storyboard, do the basic voiceover, get a rough variant of the full-blown animation;
  • Implement the polished visuals – enhance the basic animation with visual effects, polish the voiceover, add music & sound effects, add captions & titles, polish graphics, & get all the deliverables in a bunch.

Sounds reasonable enough? 

Check our case studies and get in touch for a consultation on your next project.

If you still don’t have an opportunity to plan everything beforehand – we can always accelerate project workflow to fit your needs. A 60-sec scientific animation can be produced in 21 days & we’ve finished a number of such projects. Do not hesitate to contact us & discuss your future animation!

Nanobot medical communication
"Everything was clear since day one for the communications and timelines."
Rosie Dawaliby, PhD
"They were always on time."
"They quickly understood what we needed and were very fast in delivering quality videos."
Maurice van Leeuwen
"I was impressed with their project management and the quality of their design."
Aude Boulitrop
"The team's quality of the deliverable was above expectations."
"They are professionals who are very good at what they do."
Sachith Gallolu
"They’re great; we don’t have to sit and wait for their work to be completed."
"Their clinical understanding was what made them stand out — their attention to detail was quite phenomenal."
Abhijith Ullas
"Their most impressive aspect is their artistic abilities."
"They were very easy to communicate with."
"We had engaged Nanobot previously on a medical animation project and we're very happy with the results."
Brynley Lee
"We were more impressed with their high level of creativity and creative design work."
"Their quick grasp of the underlying science and creativity in coming up with visual elements."
Hua Lin
"The team was always in contact and never changed."
Nathan Fox
"They have a great turnaround time."
Julie Kenner
"Workflow was seamless. Nanobot was ultra-responsive and completed the project in the desired time frame."
Larry Block
"They have a very efficient communication and workflow."
Joey Bose
"Their effectiveness and follow-up were impressive."
Dr. Gabriel Peter Salgo
"They produce quality work very quickly."
Alexander Pérez
"Their competitive pricing and rapid delivery were impressive."
"The quality of the animations is impressive!"
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