Breaking Down a Scientific Project & Really Getting Through to People

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At Nanobot Studios, we regularly help our clients translate their business specifics and scientific projects for the target audience. But what if we’re talking about more niche situations where you need to explain complex concepts to people that aren’t that interested in straining their brain to figure out each word you’re saying? In particular, how to act when you need to get your scientific project across to your dinner guests?

If you’re a scientific researcher, you should know for sure how difficult such situations may be. You have this topic you’ve been into head-to-toe, and its specifics seem quite comprehensive and interesting to you. But it all may not sound quite as exciting when you describe it plainly to others. This is where you need to know how to engage listeners and interest them in the topic.

The following pro tips should help you better grab your guests’ attention and get your idea through in a more engaging manner.

Know who you’re dealing with

It’s best to know at least some background of the people you’re speaking to. This way, you can tailor your speech according to a particular audience instead of improvising in front of a crowd of total strangers. Recognizing your audience is an important prep stage.

If the only option for you is blind improvisation, though, you should put effort into getting to know them as you go. In this sense, a couple of suggestive questions (“we all know how “x” is the buzzword in the “y” environment right now, right?”) or a topic related joke or two may help you set the tone of conversation based on the crowd’s reaction. 

Cut to the chase your scientific project

Rather than starting a speech by trying to be descriptive about what your project is all about, concentrate first on why it is there in the first place. Why is there a need for your project as a whole, and why is it important that the people in front of you hear about its ins and outs? Make sure to have well-formulated answers to these questions beforehand and highlight them during the speech. This should ultimately point the audience of listeners in the direction of why they should hear you out. 

Use metaphors & associations

The best way to explain something complex to people outside of your professional circle is to use simpler yet descriptive wording. For instance, if need be, you can clarify certain principles of how particles work in this or that situation to a football fan using appropriate associations (particles – football players, matter – the field, connections between particles – passing the ball, etc.).

Make it a dialogue

Rather than throwing all the info, you have out there through a one-way monologue, create a dialogue with your audience. Showing to your guests your readiness to answer their questions and listen to them elaborately, you set a great example. People may as well be better motivated to pay attention to you if they get the same in return. In general, a two-way conversation unstrains the vibes in the room and gives a sense of importance to your audience.

Bottom Line

It may be difficult to earn your listeners’ attention and goodwill when delivering a speech on a scientific topic. But it is more than possible if you focus on engaging the audience rather than deciding to go with the flow and throw everything you have onto everyone. We hope these brief tips help you make your upcoming scientific project presentation easier to handle and more profound for everybody listening to it.

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