DMK: skin care enzyme mask

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Enzyme masks are used in professional cosmetology. American company Danne Montague King produces several types of such masks, the effect of which remains not fully understood by consumers, despite the popularity of the brand. The product is positioned as a cosmeceutical, which does not disclose the essence of the unique selling proposition. Professional skin care product combine both – cosmetic and therapeutic effects. How to convince the market to believe in their special effectiveness?

If conventional masks have only exfoliating, moisturising properties or temporarily improve skin elasticity, the mask from DMK has a myostimulating effect: causes contraction of the face muscles, influencing the moto-control points with the help of ferments (enzymes). The transdermal mask not only cleanses and tones the skin, but also prevents age-related ptosis. The Nanobot team was faced with the task of uncovering the special features of the masks effect, depicting it more as a therapeutic agent than cosmetics. At the same time, the complex mechanism of the enzymes; effect had to be made evident and understandable even to a non-professional.


Single video that devoted to different audiences at once must contain several layers of information, as well as perform various functions. It was decided to do it in a way that one video would:

  1. Explain the essence of the product, becoming the main marketing material for the introduction of the product to the market.
  2. Sell the product to a beautician and help convince the end user of the expediency of the procedure.
  3. Teach beauticians to work with the product, deeply explaining the principle of its effect.


There was used 3D medical animation, combined with video. The animation shows the scientific facts about treating skin with help of enzymes, reveals mask effects on the muscles and motor neuron. The plot frame teaches a beautician the salon application of the product on a live model. The Nanobot team used clear storytelling and vivid visualization so that any viewer could perceive the information at their own depth of understanding biochemical processes. As a result, the video is interesting to watch for all target audiences.

Type of video: 3D medical animation + video inserts

Duration: 4 min 54 secs

Nanobot medical communication
“Our studio has been called “Nanobot” not without reason. It was our natural time. For many years, we have been...”
Associate Director, AB studio Inc.
“Our studio has been called “Nanobot” not without reason. It was our natural time.”
Associate Director, AB studio Inc.
“Our studio has been called “Nanobot” not without reason. It was our natural time. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Earum, ipsam.”
Associate Director, AB studio Inc.


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