Drug MoA 3D Animation

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Drug MoA is Complicated as It Sounds

The mode or mechanism of action (MoA) of a drug is a difficult concept to execute. You know why. Because mechanisms of action take place at a molecular level and affect cells and other building blocks of the organism. So, it’s no easy task to represent all those interconnected processes which is a serious problem that pharma companies come across every time they create a new medical product which needs to be presented and promoted.

Visual Storytelling is a Panacea

MoA is of a great importance for stakeholders and can influence the approval or use of a new medical product or therapy option.Visual storytelling has a solution for such complex issues: any subject can be communicated simply with immersive graphics and accurate medical animation we create at Nanobot Medical Animation Studio. MoA video is a huge aid for doctors, patients, investors, and other concerned groups to gain an in-depth understanding of a disease and its mechanisms on the molecular level.

Video vs Text

You’ve probably noticed it for yourself that the more systems are engaged in the process of learning the easier the information is to process and recall. The phenomenon is backed up by research stating that videos are processed 50,000 times faster than text because graphics affect our emotions, and emotions are influential in the decision-making process.The audience will hardly grow weary of a presentation if it takes only few minutes as opposed to the hours an old textbook or slideshow could take.

Animating Medicine in Action

MoA drug animation is the most effective format for visualizing molecular and cellular concepts in pharmacology and chemical medicine. Attracting and holding attention are critical for communicating your message. In an environment of intense visual competition with engaging and never ending online content and high technology, gaining attention and creating scientific accuracy are our means of delivering the most value for our pharma clients.

Nanobot Medical Animation Studio develops highly innovative digital graphics to depict actual and conceptual technologies by a synergistic fusion of art and science since 2007. Nanobot provides visually engaging digital solutions like scientific VR/AR/MR, 3D medical animations, illustrations for innovative marketing and training | education strategies to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.We are devoted entirely to medical and scientific imaging. Our creative production team and experienced medical experts help us produce visually and scientifically accurate media material to make any project a huge success.We are a professional medical animation and interactive design company whose team has a long history of experience in the creation of latter-day colorful photo-realistic animated or static images.
Our client ranges from the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry, as well as Educational Institutes, Medical Marketing Companies, and Healthcare Agencies Globally.

Nanobot medical communication
“Our studio has been called “Nanobot” not without reason. It was our natural time. For many years, we have been...”
Associate Director, AB studio Inc.
“Our studio has been called “Nanobot” not without reason. It was our natural time.”
Associate Director, AB studio Inc.
“Our studio has been called “Nanobot” not without reason. It was our natural time. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Earum, ipsam.”
Associate Director, AB studio Inc.