How to Use VR Technologies for Medical Events

How to Use VR Technologies for Medical Events

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VR is a technology used in various spheres of life and activity, starting from entertainment and gambling to healthcare and travel. They have made their place in live events too. Let’s find out how virtual reality technologies are used in medical events.

Benefits of VR In Medical Events

Events such as meetings, medical conferences, exhibitions, etc. attract a lot of people. A lot of people means a crowd. Using VR technology provides the opportunity to make your company stand out in the crowd. What are the benefits of VR technology for medical events?

Effective Impact on the Target Audience

A virtual show creates an unforgettable experience for visitors. The organizer has every opportunity to focus the attention of the audience on the proposed set of services using all human senses. VR impresses everyone who experiences it.

Great PR

If a product is portrayed through VR, it undoubtedly becomes the subject of further discussion. The participants of your show will undoubtedly share their impression with colleagues and friends. This will be a good PR for promoting medical devices or equipment.

Sales Growth

Virtual medical evenst encourage participants, and everyone they tell about it to take advantage of your offer.   

VR Applications in the Medical Events Industry


Not only visitors but also event organizers enjoy the benefits of VR. With VR, the coordinator does not need to spend precious time and money on a visit to the event place. Everything is much simpler: with VR, the stage of preparation for a medical event can be quickly controlled virtually.


Visualization allows campaign planners to create event scenarios in full accordance with what is happening in reality. All detected errors can be fixed immediately.

Demo Version

The presentation of medical devices in virtual reality attracts event organizers as there is no need to find and prepare a venue. However, such events require high-tech VR tools.

Virtual Visit

The application provides the possibility of a virtual presence at the event. There is no physical need to attend it. The application provides excellent attendance, which doesn’t depend on geographical remoteness or unforeseen circumstances for potential visitors.

VR Tour

The application provides an opportunity for participants to expand the scope of a virtual medical event. For example, they can visit a hotel where they can stay on a trip, or walk through the floors of a house they can buy.


Using the virtual application, candidates for a position can learn more about the workplace and immerse themselves in the working atmosphere. VR presentation of the workplace encourages the applicant to become a member of the employer’s team.

VR Training

Virtual reality technology is an excellent base for training. Simulation of the workflow allows users to improve their professional skills. This practice is used in pharma and training with medical devices, where each action must be practiced several times.   

How to Plan VR Medical Events

Medical event organization with VR has some specifics connected with the use of multiple instruments of various costs. The organizers of such events should pay attention to the following options for using VR equipment available for temporary use or rental.

VR Kiosks

This interactive budget option is recommended for companies that don’t have enough funds or space to organize a large-scale presentation. The format is simple: a monitor for the user to perform the proposed actions. This is the best solution for a VR station or exhibition.

VR Booth

This is a more technological format compared to a kiosk for VR events. The viewer is entirely immersed in virtual reality because of the booth. For external observers, there are monitors installed on the sides showing the device that the player is visualizing.

VR Headsets

This is a universal tool for an event that could work even in a small room. The headset is easily configured for any virtual reality and always attracts participants in a medical event.

Google Cardboard

This is a simple cardboard VR simulator for most smartphones, which you can buy for $10 or even cheaper. To use Google Cardboard, you need to choose the appropriate content and equipment: the level of immersion in VR determines the type. For total immersion, it is better to use Samsung Gear VR, Sony PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, or HTC Vive.

In most cases, VR content can be created using a computer or 360-degree cameras. Apple offers its own set of VR content tools for their smartphones. There are special VR applications designed for laptops and PC with game engines. 


Nanobot Medical is a company that specializes in medical animations. Our list of capabilities includes developing VR apps too. If you want a quality VR product for an event within your budget, contact us for a free consultation. 

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