Sort out the points that need your attention.

Medical animation pre-production is the planning phase of a medical animation pipeline, where the foundation is developed and polished. The more time you spend getting this process correct, the more likely your project will be successful. During pre-production, you take the scenario and develop it into a story. The story is transformed into a visual format where details and story flow can be refined. Everything that happens in the video is exactly like that written in the scenario. It is important not to miss any detail, concept, and suggestion that could be thought of, and offer maximum creativity and energy at the scenario stage. At this stage, we will help you sort out the points that need your attention – as this is our job and we are pleased to do it!


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Medical animation pre-production

medical animation pre-production

Pay attention and comment to edit visual content.

Based on the scenario, the storyboard – a sequence of figures (sketches) – is developed. The storyboard is a series of illustrations that showcase your digital narrative in two dimensions. The first dimension is time: what happens first, next, and last. The second dimension is interaction: how does the voiceover interact with the images and the soundtrack and how do visual transitions and effects help tie together the images. The storyboard shows the main direction including camera angles, movements, objects and their position. At this point, we begin the graphical representation of the ideas and texts from the scenario. It is critical to understand that filling scenes, the camera angle, the objects will look as shown in sketches. The customer team should pay attention and comment to edit: visual content and aspect in each scene, voice-over text, and concepts.

If there is any doubt on the accent –  inform the Studio team.

When the customer approves the script and storyboard, we record the draft sound. The earlier the sound is filed, the faster is the further development process. Once the draft sound is recorded, we proceed to the stage, where a scenario should be finalized.

One of the risks of this stage is the pronunciation of scientific terms because different specialists can differently pronounce them.

We try to narrate the text with the proper accentuation. It is necessary at this stage to involve a medical advisor from the side of the Customer.

If there is any doubt on the accent – it is necessary to inform the Studio team immediately. Making changes in the scene and its duration after approval entails an increase of the whole project budget and terms of the video development.

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