Medical Device Marketing Needs a Reboot

What is it with medical device marketing? Frankly speaking, their strategies are fairly boring and covered in dust. You may be surprised to learn that the most popular distribution method for companies producing medical devices is… glossy brochures. What’s more, advertising images are usually taken from stocks depicting same happy patients and smiling doctors. The problem is that all brochures look the same irregardless of the product they promote.

Brochure, Really?

So, when it comes to marketing of medical products, the companies’ management is very conservative even in terms of online presence. They end up with adapting the brochure somewhat for a static web page or even just upload as a pdf. There is a reluctance to move to new ways of communication because getting out of the comfort zone isn’t safe territory to be in.

Go Digital is the Answer

We live in the world of Google, Social Media, and Internet of Things connecting our refrigerator and burglar alarm to smartphone apps. That means we, you and customers of medical device companies think alike. We are used to be able to research and compare cameras, cars, vacuum cleaners, books and so forth online. If we need help, help is available via chat, email, phone or whatever the channel of our choice may be. Now, enter the medical device company and its customer. Online dialogue? Shouldn’t think so. Read a blog? You mean a collection of press releases… Customer service online chat? Nope.

Don’t Worry, We’ll Help You

Building the online presence of the brand is no easy task. Having a website, which is now considered a bare minimum, won’t bring you traffic. Having useful and wow-content will. Video content is the most engaging means of doing it.

3D medical animation is an ultimate digital strategy to boost your medical device marketing. At Nanobot Medical Animation Studio we make complex things simple and easy to understand. Technical details are explained with help of immersive visual storytelling which is able to show the principles of highly sensitive diagnostic techniques on the molecular level.


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