Neuron medical animation

Our team created an animation visualizing the 3D microscopic view of a neuron and its structural components. We’ve put a lot of rendering effort on making this animation realistic. We hope you enjoy our neuron medical animation.

Neuron medical animation

Some facts about neuron

All parts of our body are linked to each other by a wired network of nerves that transmit electric signals. The nerves are made of neurons. Nerve cells are connected in neural circuits. There is a central computer – the brain – that gather all connections. Neurons are major components of our brain, our central nervous system, our peripheral nervous system, our spinal cord and our autonomic ganglia.

Neuron structure

A neuron or a nerve cell is an electrically sensitive cell that receives and transmits information through electrical and chemical signals. These signals between them occur via specialized connections known as synapses. Neurons are capable of connecting to each other to form neural circuits.

A typical neuron consists of three main parts, a cell body (soma), dendrites, and an axon.  The soma has an oval or a cone shaped structure. It contains a nucleus and other cell components that support the chemical processing of the neuron; the most important of which is the production of neurotransmitters. Dendrites are extensions designed for receiving signals, which are transmitted towards the soma. The third is the axon which sends signals away from the soma.