Medical animation

As a medical animation company, our studio provides you with 10+ years experienced expertise in the market from scriptwriting to storytelling. Medical 3D graphics gives spectators an opportunity to open the veil of mystery, when it comes to intracellular processes, anatomy and human physiology, and detailed mechanisms of drugs action as well.

What’s the use of medical animation?

Throughout history, mankind has accumulated a vast body of knowledge in the field of medicine and biology. The invention of the microscope has expanded knowledge about the microcosm. The growing need for scientifically reliable, accessible for understanding and fascinating presentation of knowledge about the setup of living systems is successfully met by 3D animation. With its help, the problem of communication between the community of scientists and the general public is solved, and it is used by pharmaceutical companies, clinics, medical centres to visualize the mechanisms of action of drugs or the essence of the services provided. For example, over the past few years, CRISPR/Cas genome editing technology has been actively explored and discussed. A promising scientific discovery has sparked interest far beyond the scientific community. With the help of 3D medical animation, the complex molecular mechanism of the CRISPR/Cas system was illustrated, which allowed scientists to present the results of their work.

3D modelling promising technology

On the other hand, anyone who wishes can benefit from the principle of the promising technology of medical animation thanks to the 3D modelling. Nowadays many patients as well as clients of medical centres and pharmaceutical companies want to be aware of the principles of medical manipulation and of medications mechanisms of action – these are goals that 3D medical animation is able to fulfill. For professionals in the field of biomedicine 3D visualization is the best way to submit information to the target audience, as well as to the professional environment. Our team of specialists in the field of 3D medical animation gathered together to combine scientific credibility with an exciting dynamic implementation. We’ve already created a 3D model of the ligand and receptor interaction, pharmacodynamics, functioning of intracellular signalling pathways and many other biomedical phenomena.

Biomedical phenomena animation

This is the power of images that are animated: medicine became the embodiment of medical knowledge and practice nowadays, which made the visualization of medical product’s mechanism of action, cancer development, antibody production, drug delivery system engineering, cardiovascular system circulatory, device and diagnostics principles of action and molecular biology issues as a part of medical marketing extremely popular. For instance, cell-mediated immunity animation. For over a century, bright field transillumination or epifluorescence microscopy was the only technology utilized to visualize the dynamics of T cell immune responses. Now 3D animators can use this imaging to make cellular processes obvious to a large audience. Medical animation combined with a healthcare software can become your winning point in the marketing competition. Such a stack of technologies already brought medical e-Learning to a new level of education. Why not to use it to educate consumers of medical services? Not only doctors and medical staff. That’s how we imagine the future value of our animation. Medical marketing should benefit through its usage in many ways.