Here are the types of medical virtual reality we can develop

Interactive VR application for Education
VR medical environment
360 VR spheric medical animation video
VR Interactive trainings

What is Virtual Reality medical animation?

VR headsets create a unique chance for you to dive into the virtual space and interact with it. Modern technologies such as HTC Vive provides a 360° motion tracking of body location in that environment for a realistic experience. This experience could be unforgettable when it comes to the human body. It provides an immersive base for education and training.

What do you get

60 seconds of 360 video or application in 21 days
Scientific accuracy – we have in-house professional medical advisors
4K resolution – the latest rendering software and hardware are use
2 different scenarios as an option to choose from – get professional support from our scriptwriters

What do we offer

Long time support and secure cloud storage for future development
Our spheric videos could be designed for all existing VR devices
We provide you with the freedom to make changes during our production pipeline
We work according to your budget estimation to come up with the best quotation for you