Nanobot Medical is an award-winning scientific storytelling company that values our clients’ time and money. We transform complex life science and medical product-related concepts into medically accurate, easy-to-understand, focused visual media. Every work of ours is the outcome of our 12+ year experience.

Nanobot Medical Animation Studio has been delivering visually engaging digital solutions for the pharmaceutical | biotech | medical device industries, to put a tech twist on their marketing and educational strategies. Our work has included both sales training, HCP and KOL education, patient education, product launches, and advertising.

We at Nanobot Medical are a team of scientists, researchers, marketers, creators, professional animators, strategists, and skilled salespeople. We have combined our years of experience to help our clients change the world through innovation in the Lifescience industry.

Our mission is to help create leading-edge services in the global health sector to bring forward innovations that can improve human livelihoods by treating diseases and enhancing the quality of life.

Our Vision – Helping you bring 100 Impactful products/ideas to market by 2030 (7 years!)

Our 7 Values 

  1. Client First – We always seek opportunities to listen to our clients. Understand the current challenges and anticipate future needs and provide all possible options for solutions to ensure the most outstanding comfort and satisfaction from our services.
  2. Teamwork – As part of the team – as part of the ship – we believe everyone wins when we work together for the common good. So we will build a ship and assemble a crew for an adventure that will last decades!
  3. Training is part of our DNA – We train all the time! We are always looking for something new! New approaches and solutions to our customer’s challenges. We appreciate feedback that will empower us to change things for our customers.
  4. We Deliver Results – We are productive and focused on accomplishing the planned outcome. We are responsible and actively share our expertise and knowledge to craft a project. We are accountable for our clients’ work and do everything possible to achieve the result keeping compliance terms in mind.
  5. Quality is Everything – We value the quality! We do not know the words – “if it goes somehow.” We respect details, and when we give something to a client, it is not just good – it’s just “Wow- this is so cool- you’ve made my day!!!” even if it requires additional work (at no cost to the client)
  6. Integrity – We cultivate integrity in ourselves and keep our coolness under pressure. We always behave professionally and keep our composure under pressure. We treat everyone with integrity, empathy, and respect. During the war in Ukraine, we did not lose a single project! 
  7. Think First And Then Act– We keep an eye on the risks and opportunities that could affect our internal and client projects. Then, we use these observations to iterate, optimize and improve continuously.


We are very fortunate to have formed excellent connections with many of our clients. And we’ve developed more than just working relationships with them; we have formed true friendships. Here’s what they had to say about us.

We really had the best experience we could have hoped for! Top shelf!!! Not only was Nanobot super attentive throughout the entire process, but they did an amazing job on the production side. The end product is excellent and the production time exceeded our expectations! Our clients and colleagues are very impressed with video. It has increased our company credibility, helped with communicating the mechanism of action of our medical device, has effectively communicated our value proposition to the marketplace, and is leading to new revenue.

Larry Block, Director of Sales and marketingEndonovo Therapeutics, USA

Very efficient production and great communication, willingness to work within our budget

Joe Bose, PresidentCytonics Corporation, USA

The Nanobot Medical Animation team created visually pleasing images of the human anatomy that satisfied all requirements. Speed and quality are hallmarks of their work.

Alexander Perez, Medical Communication ManagerEngelhard Arzneimittel

A very detailed, innovative and non-conventional approach to presenting anatomical and histological structures that are beneficial for understanding the processes on a cellular and molecular level. My hats off to you for an outstanding job.

Andrey SotnykDMK Cosmetics, USA

We enjoyed working with Nanobot Medical Animation Studio on every stage of the work process from the kick-off meeting to the final product delivery. I would say that a superb communication between us is what resulted in a mutual understanding and an excellent VR animation that impressed all our audience at the conference. A great result and a very professional team to work with.

Philipp Saelinger, Digital ManagerExeltis Germany GmbH

Their visionary artistic renderings that portrayed various aspects of this exciting nano future will be beneficial in facilitating a clear understanding of the fundamental concepts of to a broader demographic in the near future.

FounderCRIX Labs

Their competitive pricing and rapid delivery are impressive!

Brand Manager, Healthcare Technology CompanyBiotech company from Sweden

Our cooperation has led to the development of an incredible digital product. It’s not just a brand project that has positioned our company as high tech. It’s also a unique opportunity to have a constructive dialogue with the community of physicians. Nanobot Medical has helped us heighten our competitive advantage in the pharmaceutical market.

Svetlana Denisenko, Brand ManagerActavis, Russia

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