We are proud of our team, which unites more than 15 people who share interests in both: medicine and digital art. Our team represents the spirit of the company: driven, committed, and keenly aware of how limitless Nanobot’s potential is to grow. Here we culture as a competitive advantage and strive to create an environment where smart, motivated and creative people succeed. They combine expertise and experience to achieve your goals. The success of a project depends on the involvement of the people behind it and their purpose is to achieve measurable, positive outcomes for your brand.

Meet us in person

Here are the talented individuals who power Nanobot Medical

Ronz smyling

Dr.Rounak Bhattacharya, MD

Medical Expert/Advisor

I am a Medical Advisor and also a Strategist for Nanobot Medical. I completed my med education from Ukraine and also pursued my Masters in Internal Medicine. I always believe in a simple theory, and that is "Work Smarter." My work is to build a deep understanding of clients’ businesses and their target audiences; articulate challenges & opportunities. I investigate clients’ areas of interest and rigorously explore potential solutions to present the most effective ideas. I contribute as a scientific and medical expert to activities within the company from preparing or reviewing scientific information in response to customer questions or media requests. Apart from my work, I love shopping, meditation, yoga, and eating ( I am a gourmet ). Also, a biker since 16 and I love taking my bike for long tours.
Iryna Stabrovskaya

Iryna Stabrovska


I'm the lead generator of Nanobot. It all starts with me, where I find people to contact. I am a 4th-year med student, and I am gaining a lot of experience while researching contacts. I like this part because I'm in charge of the contact database of the company, and I'm contributing to its growth and prosperity. It's just like a second educational course for me. Apart from my work and student life, I am fond of learning something new in life every day (updating myself daily), reading novels, running, and yoga.
Yurii Grebelskyi

Yuryi Grebelskyi

3D Generalist

My work is all about 3D. I am a 3D Generalist. I create models, animate them, visualize them, and pass them on to my colleagues in the form of individual shots, which are then mounted in a video clip. I love my job because it's an incredible work in 3D - You're talking about combining the world of medicine and 3D art. My ultimate goal is to craft video stories with our unique style, which we work on as a team.Apart from work, my most important hobby is table tennis, and I am good at it. I love traveling, watching detective movies or series.
Yurii Svidinenko

Yuriy Svidinenko

Co Founder and Production director

I’m the Production Director of Nanobot Medical Inc. My primary education dealt with automotive microsystems and then years of studying Nanomachine Design. From my educational experience, I used my engineering skills to blend 3DComputer simulation and biology. My passion was always about exploring scientific visualization. I spent years to refine my skills as a Medical Animator, Art Director, and Production Director. In 2006 I founded a company called Nanobotmodels, which later came to be known as Nanobot Medical in 2015. Apart from my work, I’m a proud father of two kids – Margo and Leo and do a lot of STEM work in Margo’s school projects. I was born in Ukraine but now live in San Diego. My hobbies are reading, diving, hiking, fitness, and learning to surf. Every day I try to look at our world and feel its beauty.
Vitalyi Basyuk

Vitaliy Basyk

Motion Designer

I'm a motion designer. I work on video effects, post-production processing, and compositing. I consider myself a very creative person, and I am in love with the word "CGI," and I don't know why. As the internet says, A motion designer is an integral part of almost every stage in the creative process, from conceptualization to storyboard and editing. I have some hobbies that are trying to play musical instruments, all types of games and traveling.
Andrii Koniukh

Andrii (Andrew) Koniukh

Co-Founder and CEO

My Official Titles are Business Development Director, Marketing Strategist, and many more. But, as is the case, with many business owners, I wear many hats. I was lucky to start working in the Ukrainian Medical Association as the Chief Operating Officer. It was the start of a journey that I am still traveling in. Then, another stop in between this journey was SalesForce ( You all know this company ), where I started working as a Consultant for the Healthcare industries. Then I met this person along the way. His name was Yuriy Svidinenko. I don't know how this happened, but we decided to open a company and make our final stop here. We decided to name our company "Nanobotmodels." Yeah, one hell of a strange name. We later changed the name to "Nanobot Medical." Apart from my work, my hobbies are Salsa dancing, Range shooting, Historic European Medieval Fencing (HEMA).
Mykola Notsek

Mykola Notsek

Medical Advisor

Being a doctor is understanding how a body works. Visualization of its internal processes is a fascinating process. This work allows you to share knowledge with others in a way they can understand.
Olga Vizhevska

Olha Vizhevska

Medical Advisor

I`m responsible for developing scripts and storyboards for various projects. I enjoy learning about medical advancements. The challenge to make science look fascinating is what I love about my work. Apart from my work, I love mountains and all possible activities related to it: skiing, hiking, camping and mountain biking.
Sergii Horun

Serhii Horun

Lead software engineer

In a nutshell, I am the IT guy, a software engineer by profession. From my childhood, I have been a genius in mathematics and a deep learner of programming languages. My hobbies are all the usual ones that 90% of the world population have and that is reading, football, and dancing.