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Nanobot Medical is an award-winning scientific storytelling company that values our clients’ time and money. We transform complex life science and medical product-related concepts into medically accurate, easy-to-understand, focused visual media.

Visual storytelling with a medical animation

In today’s world, visual stories are very crucial. 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Images create emotions, and emotions play a massive role in the decision making process. Without visuals, an idea may be lost in a sea of words.

A vivid and conclusive story told in medical animation, will find its way into the minds of the target audience and stay there. 3D medical animations can be used to explain cellular and molecular processes, illustrate the function of medical devices, as well as highlight unique organ level processes to demonstrate the action of a drug in the patient's body.

Types of Animation

3D Animation

  • The use of 3D animation in a marketing campaign leads to faster decision making by the client and as a result, boosting sales! 
  • 3D animation directly increases audience retention rate – the time visitors spend on your website.
  • 3D animation allows you to perfectly display processes at molecular, cellular, and organ levels, along with visual realism.
  • Case #1 – Our client, a biotech startup, received a funding of $500,000 – Thanks to a $5,000 investment in medical animation!!!
  • Case #2 – A $15,000 investment in a video animation project led to a 60% increase in sales of our Client.
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Whiteboard Animation

  • Despite the affordable price, this type of animation will allow you to deliver complex data to your clients and also promises you a potential return of investment (ROI)
  • Simple shapes and bright colors on a contrasting white background clearly explain the main features and advantages of your idea or product. Also, when it comes to persuasion, emotion is the primary target for us
  • An effective tool for increasing user interaction on the website – the viewer intuitively begins to follow the movement of the hand on the screen and gets involved in watching
  • This type of animation is perfect for use in YouTube promotions, SMM, and websites.

2D Animation

  • Using 2D Animation and motion graphics is a great way to introduce the idea of a product when there is no need to dive into scientific detail
  • It is organic, the feeling of craftiness is preserved.
  • This type of animation is essential for training and education, interact with HCP’s, and also to support pharmaceutical sales representatives.
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The workflow of a medical animation project

Our team consists of animation and medical professionals. Thanks to this unique mix of skills, we offer the best creative solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.


The foundation of the project's success is a detailed filling of a brief. With the help of this document we will understand your target audience, what ideas we need to convey and on what properties of the product we need to focus the viewer's attention.

Briefed by you and in close cooperation with your company, our medical advisors, and the storyboard team design a storyline and then craft and write a detailed storyboard, incorporating your feedback along the way.

Once you have approved the conception, our production team can start animating the story. In a first step, they will supply you with still images to help you determine the look and feel of the final product and we will work out the script content of each scene in detail.

At the Production stage, animators take over the case. The concepts are transformed into video sequences. During the production process, we will discuss preliminary results with you several times until you are satisfied with the result. A professional voice-over speaker, which you choose from our database, records the voicing, and the composer creates background music.

At the Post-production stage, the video is supplied with infographic elements, captions, packshots, and music is applied. As a result, you get a high-quality animation that fully meets your expectations, reflected in the brief.



During the last 7 years, we have been lucky to cooperate with a large number of leading Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies and outstanding marketing specialists. Here’s what they had to say about us:

We really had the best experience we could have hoped for! Top shelf!!! Not only was Nanobot super attentive throughout the entire process, but they did an amazing job on the production side. The end product is excellent and the production time exceeded our expectations! Our clients and colleagues are very impressed with video. It has increased our company credibility, helped with communicating the mechanism of action of our medical device, has effectively communicated our value proposition to the marketplace, and is leading to new revenue. Our entire company is very pleased, and we are looking forward to working with Yuriy and Nanobot for our future projects!

Larry Block, Director of Sales and Marketing

Endonovo Therapeutics Inc..

Great service for a very affordable price! Communication was quick and efficient, and our entire project was complete within a month. We were very happy with the end result, and the animation was crucial to raising capital from investors.

Joey Bose, President

Cytonics Corporation

We received amazing animation that has been unmatched so far. The communication was excellent and attitude was fantastic.

Nathan, Fox, Creative Design Director

iReliev Inc.

We engaged Nanobot for a unique biological mechanism of action that we wanted to use to communicate to investors. Yuriy (Production director) was professional, clear and timely. He has a very creative approach. We are very happy and would recommend to others.

Craig Patch, CEO

Vernx Biotechnology

Very skilled animators and very professional to work with. Also the price was quite reasonable for such quality work and they have a wide range of what they can do. Would certainly recommend to anyone needing animation or visualization, especially in the life sciences.

Robert Rhinehart, Partner

MarsBio Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the optimal length of a typical 3D animated film?

Our recommendation is that medical 3D animation videos do not exceed 1,5 to 3 minutes, as to not to overtax the viewer’s attention span. The general guidelines are: the shorter the better and focus on one topic per video. For subjects that require a more in-depth explanation, we suggest separating the film into individual modules or chapters.

How long does it take to produce an animated film?

The duration of the animation production depends on the selected type of graphics, the complexity of scenes, and the time required for approval of intermediate stages by the Customer. On average, the production of a 2-minute 3D video requires up to 3 months.

How much does 3D medical animation cost?

"The cost of a medical animation can vary greatly from project to project. The five most important factors you should consider when planning a project are:

Length of the planned 3D animation
The complexity of the project
Choice of stylistic means (e.g., 2D, 3D, or sketched)
Required medical expertise
Approval processes

Book a consultation by filling out a form on the site! We will be glad to explain all the pricing details!"

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