Medical motion graphics are highly effective at outlining or highlighting scientific facts to illustrate or clarify a point.

Motion graphic videos are often used instead of storytelling as they are designed to break down the complex scientific message of a product and present it directly and memorably y for your target audience.

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MUSE Creative Awards 2023
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MUSE Creative Awards 2023
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MUSE Creative Awards 2023
Gold Winner
Video - Medical: Alamar Biosciences
MUSE Creative Awards 2023
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Video - Technology/Science: Alamar Biosciences
MUSE Creative Awards 2023
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360/VR: Exeltis Experience
25th Annual Communicator Awards, 2019
Gold Award
360/VR: Exeltis Experience
Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, 2019
Bronze Award
360/VR: Exeltis Experience
Creativity International 49th Media & Interactive Design Awards, 2019
Silver Award
Pharma/Film: Astellas Pharma
Creative MedMen Awards 2020

Which Industries May Need Motion Graphics?

A pharmaceutical brand, medical device manufacturer, or biotech startup may all require quality video marketing content to help communicate the advantages of their sophisticated new market offering. Medical animation offers an exceptional and highly engaging tool for telling stories within the healthcare space.

Animation and motion graphics come in a virtually unlimited number of art styles, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies of all sizes are now choosing to use videos and motion graphics to get their message out to market participants.

No matter what kind of story you would like to tell, videos are guaranteed to be highly effective!

Motion graphics excel at delivering messages in terms of these 3 main aspects:

01. Inspiring your audience to take action;

02. Communicating information about your company, products, or services;

03. Boosting sales

You must carefully consider when and how to use motion graphics for your specific target audience.



    The primary purpose of such videos is to generate a pronounced emotional response from the viewers. Depending on your story, this reaction may be positive or negative, but whatever it is, this emotion should motivate your viewers to take a specific action.



    Explainer videos distill the core of an idea and present it to the target audience effectively and accessibly. These videos are most appreciated if your idea or story is highly technical or detailed or involves multiple unintuitive steps.



    The ultimate goal of a promotional video or motion graphic is to boost user conversions which is why any information that would help inspire a viewer to buy should be right there, on the very surface.

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Although the client could not provide any results, they commended NANOBOT Medical Communication for their structured workflow, creativity, and responsiveness throughout the engagement...
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Benefits of Nanobot Medical Studio’s Motion Graphics Services

We have several years of experience working for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to create motion graphics and animated videos that serve a specific purpose. For example, some clients may want to publicize their new product launch so that more people know about it.

Other popular medical and pharmaceutical animation subjects are research projects, advances in HealthTech, and discussions of promising new ideas.

Medical motion graphics are a relatively simple yet cost-effective method to deliver marketing messages while clearly and succinctly conveying essential facts. If done right, the resulting video can make people want to watch it to learn something new.

Nanobot Medical Studio’s Motion Graphics Workflow

In a scientific animation workflow, people, hardware, and software are arranged into a system of sequenced tasks that must be completed within a specific time frame. The final output is the client’s animation or motion graphics product.

With several years of experience in scientific animation development, Nanobot Medical understands how to make the whole process painless and straightforward to help our clients reach their business goals faster and cheaper.

As a process, creating scientific animations is much more complex than most people would expect. Depending on the animation studio and the complexity of the project , the number of steps required to produce an animated or motion graphic piece can vary greatly.

Generally, an animation project involves a massive list of tasks and a serious team with varied skill sets. For a complex project to be completed on time and within the budget, the studio must have a solid structure and detailed framework.

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  • What is motion graphics?

    Motion graphics and motion or animation design is a branch of visual design used in videos, television, and film. The product is usually created using computer technology primarily. In many cases, traditional filming or video techniques are also used and combined with computer-generated materials.

  • Why would a company need motion graphics?

    Motion graphics are perfect for clients interested in communicating or emphasizing important information or conveying a particular message. Motion graphics are typically used when there is no need for a character-driven storyline or narration.

  • Does Nanobot Medical have motion graphics experience?

    At Nanobot Medical, we have many years of experience creating motion graphics. Having dedicated our entire careers to animation, we have a lot of valuable skills and tricks in our toolbox.

  • How much does motion graphics creation cost?

    The cost of services depends on many factors, such as video length, complexity, time frame, etc. Please feel free to reach out to us to schedule a detailed consultation.

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