Nanobot Medical Communication develops innovative digital graphics by marrying the art of creativity with the rigor of science. We have been delivering visually engaging digital solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech industries to put a tech twist on their marketing and educational strategies.

2D Animation and Motion graphic

Effectively communicate your story, whether it’s the mechanism of action of your drug or the instructions for use of your innovative surgical device. Whatever your story, whatever the style, leave a lasting impression with all audiences, from patients to doctors.

3D Animation

Our team translates complex molecular and cellular processes into clearly understandable dynamic visualizations. No matter your therapeutic niche, we’ve got the experience, expertise, and solutions to clarify and communicate your scientific message through medical animation.

360/VR Animation

We recommend the best VR experience based on the needs of your audience, and leverage them for use at both conferences and on personal mobile devices, ensuring maximum reach and the longest possible lifespan.

Augmented reality

Driving HCP engagement is a top priority for many clients. Through the AR application to engaging visual content, we deliver memorable experiences that entertain while they educate. At exhibit booths, this results in increased traffic and longer engagements.

Full Dome

Digital immersion domes are perfect for imparting key messaging and education that is uninterrupted by the outside rush of the conference. Nanobot medical is also experienced in planetarium full dome production.

Medical games

Games are fun—but are also uniquely powerful engagement and advanced learning tools. Our gameplay mechanics, game engine technology, and rewards structures accelerate learning and communications through play.


We design and develop custom eLearning solutions and experiences that drive awareness & engagement, validate knowledge acquisition, and drive measurable learning and performance outcomes.

Web & App Development

We do the hard work that makes successful apps stand apart. The behind-the-scenes research and strategic planning minimizes risk and ensures that the things we build are crafted with purpose and meet our client’s need.

Medical Writing

Effective communication is especially important when your subject matter is complex. Nanobot Medical can assist with catering to a general audience, or proofreading existing documents.

Facebook 3D Marketing

Put your company's (logo/latest product/cartoon mascot) in a 3D interactive facebook post. These are a quick way to get noticed, and come ready to post on your company's Facebook page in just a few short days!

Modeling and Simulation

Nanobot loves to turn numbers and equations into visual products. We are also interested in working with textbook manufacturers to create diagrams and figures that will stand out among typical textbooks.

Data Visualisation

Big data, messy data, numbers written on the back of a napkin. Nanobot Medical takes all types of data, and produces custom visuals that look EXACTLY like you want them. Not sure what to do with a dataset? Let us see what trends are hiding in your data. We love to work with small businesses that don't need to hire a full time data analyst, but still want to leverage data.